spinning machine

Super Mono-Beater /SM-806 . Use large diameter beater and design of excellent centrifugal force and grid bar control to go with airflow and auxiliary control to achieve the capability of a short range to rid the trash and dust. .… Continue reading
  High Trash Out Bale Opener/HBO-15 . High Trash Out Bale Opener can go to with auto bale openner and enable the raw material  feeding to this machine, or using manual feed for initial mix up, then rationing the output. … Continue reading
condenser Principles of our total solution : Persistent A1 quality Safety design in Sustaining maximum capacity Environmental protection concerned   Hi Efficiency Dust-disposal & Condenser Modal Types : HCDE-60/80 for cotton HCDS-60/80 for chemical fiber HCDE/HCDS is made for spinning… Continue reading