textile machinery

  Multi Mixer Obiter Opener Synthetic fiber spinning (opener) New sharp weapon   . Multi Mixer Obiter Opener united mixer and opener as one, eliminated space and cost investing in equipment. . The mixer itself not only can be used to… Continue reading
Super Mono-Beater /SM-806 . Use large diameter beater and design of excellent centrifugal force and grid bar control to go with airflow and auxiliary control to achieve the capability of a short range to rid the trash and dust. .… Continue reading
condenser Principles of our total solution : Persistent A1 quality Safety design in Sustaining maximum capacity Environmental protection concerned   Hi Efficiency Dust-disposal & Condenser Modal Types : HCDE-60/80 for cotton HCDS-60/80 for chemical fiber HCDE/HCDS is made for spinning… Continue reading